Little Servants of the Holy Family

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Expansion & Discernment

Expansion & Discernment

We met a turning point when we built the mother house in Jeongleung and moved into it on the 25th anniversary,
and when father Seong came back to us after a long journey as shepherd at the front in December 1969.

Our renovation and confirmation of identity was required when our numbers increased and apostolic work multiplied during the 1970s-80s. Thus, our constitutions and complementary norms were revised following the intention of the 2nd Vatican Council in 1976, and again by new requirements from the Church encyclicals. Our official name was
changed from 'The Holy Family Congregation' to 'The Little Servants of the Holy Family' in 1986.

We enforced annual retreats of 'Charism discernment' and 'Congregation discernment' to all members, effected by
the 'Commemorable discernment workshop of the 3 fellow congregation establishment' in 1987. All these
discernments allowed us to restore our founding charism through the providence of God.

We converted Seoul Hospital of the Holy Family into the Welfare Hospital of the Holy Family, which was free of
charge for the poor in 1990. We also signed over Somyung Women's Middle & High School to the diocese of
Incheon in 1992. We passed through discernments for apostolate mainly in Seoul and Bucheon, and we signed over the Holy Family Hospital of the Bucheon to Catholic University, which was a corporate body of the Archdiocese of
Seoul in 2007. By doing so, we continued our journey of renewal.

We chose to establish a new province to share the spirituality of the incarnation and to proclaim the Good News in
2008. It was our effort to find evident ways towards renewal. In 2013, we celebrated our 70th anniversary and held
the 15th general assembly, and pledged to make a new start with the prophetic mission of incarnation and
restoration of creative order. As citizens of the world, we are concerned about the present and future state of the
world, and we are determined to make our best effort to respond to the emergent callings.