Little Servants of the Holy Family

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Consecrated life

Consecrated life

By maintaining a vowed life, "We give new life to everyone with the love of God, and
spread the prophetic sound of justice, and fulfill the will of God by living a faithful life."

(Light of the Holy Family 6-1)

Prayer Life

We pray at the very scene of the apostolic field and we contribute to building His Kingdom by corresponding to
those who suffer from pain and injustice. (Light of the Holy Family 24)

Community Life

We are a spiritual family formed to achieve fellowship and collaboration in Christ, regarding 'Unity' mentioned by our founder, as our coat of arms. 'Unity' is our spiritual asset that allows us to gather our soul and creative wisdom
under the apostolic situation. (Light of the Holy Family 32)

Our religious community is the source of apostolic vitality and prophetic evidence for spreading the Good News. We appreciate and respect individual talents and duty while we responsibly participate by living out the charism, with
faithful bonds of personality and spiritual development. (Light of the Holy Family 33)