Little Servants of the Holy Family

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It is a reservation period to adopt to the new environment before being accepted as a postulant. We experience
prayer life, community life and labor, and learn the life pattern of religious during this period.


It is a period for preparing for novitiate. We purify our motive of sanctum, and nurture our ability to carry religious
duty by community life and apostolate practice.


It is a period when religious life begins, and also a period of concentrated discipline.
We learn our spirituality, mission, history and founders intention in order to learn attitude of Little Servants who
discover vocation among the poor and eagerly help them.

Temporary Vows

It is a time of deepening our faithfulness, so that we can fulfill our apostolic vocation and spirituality of incarnation,
and also a period for preparing for perpetual vows.
Throughout this stage it is important to internalize and integrate the gospel, charism and spirituality of the
congregation, as well as, learn the cultures of the era and cultivate a sense of being a prophet to understand the
signs of the time properly.

Perpetual Vows

It is a period when we dedicate our lifetime to God and to the congregation, promising apostle evidence and
eternal unity to God. We truly become the Little Servants of the Holy Family by the perpetual vows.

Continuing Formation

We Little Servants are the subjects of ongoing formation. We plan to freely and synthetically discipline ourselves
further with the spirituality of incarnation as foundation. We discern what is more important for spiritual renewal, and we continuously strive to strengthen our own formation according to our own personality and nature to grow
spiritually, specialized and apostolically.